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The New 2018 Serafino Z – Series Boot.

We are very happy to introduce the latest boot to the Serafino Brand after the Serafino 4th Edge comes a stunning Z – Series Boot.

The Z – Series Caters For All Players And Coaches With It’s Supreme Comfort & Great Looks, We Have Not Forgotten About How Important Player Safety Is This Is Why The Z – Series Will Support Not Just Your Ankle But Your Whole Foot. With It’s Amazing Design The Impact Of Players Studs & The Fast Turns At Which A Player Performs The Z – Series Will Take All The Impact Away From The Players Foot And Bone & Will Absorb It Into It’s Triple Specialised Padding.

We Are Now Taking Pre Orders For The Z – Series Boot Which Will Be Available In Early 2018.

To Pre Order Your Serafino Z – Series Boots Please Contact Us On The Below

Please Email Or You Can Give Us A Call On +44 (0)207 584 3170.