When you purchase the Serafino 4th Edge soccer boots from Serafino, you can enjoy an array of new benefits. As a dedicated soccer cleat provider, you can trust in us to give you the best possible products.

The Serafino 4th Edge is the result of lengthy research into what can make the perfect soccer boot. With our information we have managed to manufacture a soccer cleat that offers the ultimate comfort and power within games.

These football boots have been manufactured with triple padding to ensure maximum protection. The boots also come with ankle and Achilles heel supports to reduce injuries that can become apparent during games.

Our boots also come with an innovative rubberised concave toe. This can enable you to play with more accuracy and have one of the most powerful kicks in your team.

When you order your own pair of soccer boots from Serafino, you can also benefit from a one-year warranty. Should your boot have a manufacturing fault that stops you from wearing them for games or they have become damaged from circumstance that aren’t deliberate or related to the game, we can replace your soccer boots for free.

You can give us a call on +44 (0)207 584 3170 to speak to a member of staff about your enquires or find out more and make an purchase directly through our website.