The SERAFINO 4th EDGE, with its Revolutionary Rubberised Concave Toe which fits the shape of the ball, helps players achieve and enjoy greater power, length of kick, accuracy, enhanced safety, and comfort while at the same time requiring only minimal backlift when using the toe, giving you a surprising attacking advantage over your opponents. Triple Padded throughout our boot/cleat, with added Ankle & Achilles Heel Supports, is designed to substantially reduce your injuries, in particular avoiding Metatarsal, Ankle and Achilles Heel injuries which have become an alarming increasing problem in today’s game, as boot manufacturers have chosen to ignore the substantial increase in player injuries. Once the Serafino 4th Edge Boots or Cleats are on your feet, you will be astonished by the supreme comfort you experience every time you wear them. Gone forever are the blisters, even on your first day’s wear.

“We are INDEED PROUD to CONFIRM” that the Serafino 4th EDGE now brings you substantially more Ground Breaking Benefits than any other Boots or Cleats available on the world’s markets, especially for the Games of UK/EU Football & US Soccer, American Football, NFL, & College and School Football, Rugby, Rugby League, Gaelic and Australian Rules + with a planned redesign of SERAFINO 4th EDGE we will shortly provide a revolutionary new shoe for the sports of Futsal, Foot Golf and Kick Ball.