The Serafino 4TH EDGE is a genuinely innovative football boot that is transforming how the football is kicked and games are won!

£99.00 special introductory offer (1st 500 pairs) RRP £129.00

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Serafino 4TH EDGE

Football Boots


(RRP £129.00)

The 4TH EDGE incorporates a patented concave toe design that enables players to kick the ball with unbelievable power and accuracy using the rubberised toe area. Tests prove the 4TH EDGE performs equally as well as conventional boots using normal traditional kicking styles – AND ENABLES you to kick successfully, effectively and powerfully with the concave toe.
The result – deadly accuracy, amazing power, supreme comfort and greater safety.

Now you can:
– Surprise opponents.
– Become a two-footed player.
– Enjoy supreme comfort.
– Protect your feet and avoid injury.

The boot comes in UK sizes 7,8,9,10 and 11 and in two sole types. More sizes to follow soon:
– Multi-Ground – ideal for artificial and firm ground surfaces
– Blades – ideal for grass surfaces

If ordering outside the UK please make sure you check your current country size agaisnt UK sizes and place the order in a UK size.